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Bootstrap4/3 Input AutoComplate/typeahead In jQuery Plugin

Bootstrap3/4 input autocomplete component is a jQuery plugin. That forecasts the words being typed based on some initial letters or alphabets specified by the user.

Mady / Apr 3,2020 Form
InputTags Plugin With JavaScript Vanilla and Tokening – jSuites.js

jSuites tagging of the javascript vanilla plugin is such a unique and lucid tagging and tokening plugin which is lightweight, sensitive and mobile compatible. A

Mady / Apr 2,2020 Form
A jQuery Plugin In Survey/Feedback – Survey-Js

A jQuery Plugin In Survey/Feedback survey-js is best for websites. The creative and best method to get the answer from the crowd about your queries

Mady / Mar 30,2020 Form
Contemporary And Rich Password Strength Validation Plugin – jQuery Form Validation

jQuery.validation.js is a contemporary and rich validation plugin of jQuery which creates modest user side form validation, password strength validates tranquil, while stagnant offering a

Kayla Matthews / Mar 22,2020 Form
AutoSave Data Form in jQuery Plugin – asdf.js

asdf.js is a creative form of a jQuery plugin that spontaneously autosave data form of the user in quick time while using the local storage.

Kayla Matthews / Mar 21,2020 Form
Survey javascript Plugin – SurveyJs.js

A SurveyJs.js plugin Basically conducting surveys is such a boring and tiring job that takes lots of energy, time and workforce. Survey.js is contemporary jQuery

Kayla Matthews / Mar 15,2020 Form
Validation Form Plugins In jQuery – quickValidation.js

A jQuery Form Validation Plugin quickValidation.js works in a way It doesn’t defines the rules in the Javascript, instead they are assigned directly by using

Mady / Jan 1,2020 Form