Interactive Parallax Effect with jQuery – jparallax

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Last Update:November 22, 2021
Publish Date: August 31, 2017
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License: MIT
Plugin Author: esteban-m
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jParallax is a parallax jQuery plugin, so funny and moving work disparity your computer cursor to adapt to the Internet network. jParallax into node in response to a movement of the mouse layer absolute positioning. Depending on their size these layers move at different rates, in a way of parallax.

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How to use :

1. Add jQuery Library :  

<script src="https:/jquery.min.js"></script>

2. Add jParallax JS

<script src="js/jParallax.js"></script>

3. We’re going to make it, now your things you want to see move, give them a class in Hache TML.

<div class="bg1"></div>

<div class="bg2"></div>

<div class="bg3"></div>

<div class="bg4"></div>

5. One last thing, all you have to do is declare your elements!

$('.bg1').jParallax({ moveFactor: 5, targetContainer: '.parallax' });

$('.bg2').jParallax({ moveFactor: 10, targetContainer: '.parallax' });

$('.bg3').jParallax({ moveFactor: 15, targetContainer: '.parallax' });

$('.bg4').jParallax({ moveFactor: 20, targetContainer: '.parallax' });


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