Upload File Input Plugin With jQuery and Bootstrap 3/4 – Bootstrap-Fileinput

A Free jQuery Plugin Bootstrap Fileinput is a Html5 document input improvement worked with jQuery, Bootstrap 4 (or Bootstrap 3) for making a pleasant looking

Nola Arney / Oct 25,2020 Form
Feature-rich Data Table Plugin For Bootstrap 5/4/3/2

Bootstrap Data Table is a jQuery Plugin with responsive, dynamic, extendable, multifunctional, and profoundly adjustable jQuery information table module for Bootstrap (5/4/3/2), Bulma, Foundation, Materialize,

Mady / Sep 29,2020 Table
Step Wizard With Accordion In Bootstrap 3 With jQuery

Create simple step-wizard with accordions in bootstrap with jQuery. This step wizard is implemented as a jQuery Plugin. Include with appropriate CSS and javascript files

Mady / May 17,2020 Step Wizard
Bootstrap4/3 Input AutoComplate/typeahead In jQuery Plugin

Bootstrap3/4 input autocomplete component is a jQuery plugin. That forecasts the words being typed based on some initial letters or alphabets specified by the user.

Mady / Apr 3,2020 Form
Material Design Form Wizard Validation With jQuery In Bootstrap 3

Material Design Form Wizard  Bootstrap is a jQuery plugin. It can be converts a long html form into an elegant, Material Design-design, step by step wizard with field

Mady / Dec 18,2019 Step Wizard