Image Zoom In On Mousewheel Point (using scale and translate)

Image Zoom in on a mousewheel point
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Image Zoom In on mousewheel point using scale and translate only with the mouse scroll. On mouse scrolling you zoom in image zooms perfectly, to store the x,y and scale separately and calculate the transforms based on those values. It makes things alot easier + saves resources (no need to lookup the dom properties over and over).

The parameters are:

  1. container: The wrapper of the element to be zoomed. The script will look for the first child of the container and apply the transforms to it.
  2. max_scale: The maximum scale (4 = 400% zoom)
  3. factor: The zoom-speed (1 = +100% zoom per mouse wheel tick)

let’s check how figure out how to calculate every zoom after first one.

How to use :

Add jQuery Library in header section.

 <script type="text/javascript" src="cdn/jquery-1.12.4.min.js"></script>

Add Html Element after body tag.

<div id="container">
  <div id="slide">
    <img src="">

Add CSS for overflow hidden.

  transition: transform .3s;
  pointer-events: none;

Add jQuery Script for apply on mouse scroll image zoom.

$(document).ready(function (){
	var scroll_zoom = new ScrollZoom($('#container'),5,0.5)

//The parameters are:
//container: The wrapper of the element to be zoomed. The script will look for the first child of the container and apply the transforms to it.
//max_scale: The maximum scale (4 = 400% zoom)
//factor: The zoom-speed (1 = +100% zoom per mouse wheel tick)

function ScrollZoom(container,max_scale,factor){
	var target = container.children().first()
	var size = {w:target.width(),h:target.height()}
	var pos = {x:0,y:0}
	var scale = 1
	var zoom_target = {x:0,y:0}
	var zoom_point = {x:0,y:0}
	var curr_tranform = target.css('transition')
	var last_mouse_position = { x:0, y:0 }
	var drag_started = 0

	target.css('transform-origin','0 0')
	target.on("mousewheel DOMMouseScroll",scrolled)
	target.on('mousemove', moved)
	target.on('mousedown', function() {
		drag_started = 1;
		target.css({'cursor':'move', 'transition': 'transform 0s'});
		/* Save mouse position */
		last_mouse_position = { x: event.pageX, y: event.pageY};

	target.on('mouseup mouseout', function() {
		drag_started = 0;
		target.css({'cursor':'default', 'transition': curr_tranform});

	function scrolled(e){
		var offset = container.offset()
		zoom_point.x = e.pageX - offset.left
		zoom_point.y = e.pageY -

		var delta = || e.originalEvent.wheelDelta;
		if (delta === undefined) {
		  //we are on firefox
		  delta = e.originalEvent.detail;
		delta = Math.max(-1,Math.min(1,delta)) // cap the delta to [-1,1] for cross browser consistency

		// determine the point on where the slide is zoomed in
		zoom_target.x = (zoom_point.x - pos.x)/scale
		zoom_target.y = (zoom_point.y - pos.y)/scale

		// apply zoom
		scale += delta * factor * scale
		scale = Math.max(1,Math.min(max_scale,scale))

		// calculate x and y based on zoom
		pos.x = -zoom_target.x * scale + zoom_point.x
		pos.y = -zoom_target.y * scale + zoom_point.y


	function moved(event){
		if(drag_started == 1) {
			var current_mouse_position = { x: event.pageX, y: event.pageY};
			var change_x = current_mouse_position.x - last_mouse_position.x;
			var change_y = current_mouse_position.y - last_mouse_position.y;

			/* Save mouse position */
			last_mouse_position = current_mouse_position;
			//Add the position change
			pos.x += change_x;
			pos.y += change_y;


	function update(){
		// Make sure the slide stays in its container area when zooming out
			pos.x = 0
			pos.x = -size.w*(scale-1)
			pos.y = 0
			pos.y = -size.h*(scale-1)

		target.css('transform','translate('+(pos.x)+'px,'+(pos.y)+'px) scale('+scale+','+scale+')')


Thanks for make jQuery plugin is developed by Pimigo For more Helpfull for users, please check the demo page or visit the official website.


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