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Responsive & Drag-And-Drop Grid Layout with jQuery – gridstack.js

Gridstack.js is a vanilla JavaScript Drag-And-Drop Grid Layout plugin inspired by Gridster that allows you to dynamically and responsively rearrange grid items through drag and drop.Like Mobile friendly use with

Nola Arney / Sep 5,2020 Layout
FullScreen/One Page Scrolling Plugin – pagePiling.js

The full-screen one-page scroll plug-in has introduced many models, such as the powerful pagepiling.js, fullPage that defines animations at will. Which, compared to other full-screen scrolling plug-ins, features scrolling, which

Nola Arney / Aug 23,2020 Layout
Equal Height In jQuery Plugin – Uniform

This Plugin is without Flex used add Equal-Height with jQuery. This plugin finds the tallest elements in our layout and then applied the tallest height to the other elements with

Unique jQuery-resizable jQuery Plugin – jquery-resizable.js

The jQuery-resizable.js is resize the simple box element jQuery plugin that has no direct UI characteristics. It performs its functioning with mouse and touch functions for resizing and contrarily depends

Kayla Matthews / Mar 15,2020 Layout
Horizontal Scroll One Page In jQuery – FullPage.js

A horizontal scroll of a full page is a jQuery plugin that converts an individual page into a group of scrollable horizontal segments with a console, mouse scroller, and thumbnails

Kayla Matthews / Mar 10,2020 Layout
Horizontal Scroll Mousewheel In jQuery

on mouse wheel scroll move web page horizontal position with jquery. currently i’m developing a horizontal scroll mousewheel in website that can enable my mouse scroll to scroll to the

Mady / Dec 10,2019 Layout