Latest jQuery Plugins

Mouse Hover Magnify Image In jQuery Plugin – jqZoom

A jqZoom is fast and light weight jQuery plugin for image zoom that applies a mouse hover magnifying glass to any image within the document. A magnified image will be

Kayla Matthews / Nov 29,2020 Zoom
Android View OnlyTimepicker Plugin In jQuery – jquery clock timepicker

A Android view jQuery clock/time picker is a modest and user-friendly plugin. That inspired to create an interactive, Android inspired, analog Clock-style time picker for your input field. It is

Mady / Nov 29,2020 Time & Clock
Swipe-Touch Image Puzzle Captcha jQuery Plugin – SliderCaptcha

A user can completed with the verification by drag and drop with SliderCaptcha. The slider to support with the PC and mobile terminals. A touch and dragging with user friendly

Nola Arney / Nov 29,2020 Form
Content Placeholder Plugin – jQuery Skeleton Loader

Content Placeholder Plugin – jQuery Skeleton Loader , The concept behind skeleton screens is the use of empty pages that are progressively populated with content as it becomes available –

Mady / Nov 29,2020 Loading
Animated Number Counter Plugin For jQuery – animationCounter.js

animationCounter.js is a jQuery plugin, animated from one value to another number or infinite value. A very small jQuery plugin allows you to counting or down counting values ​​in an

Mady / Nov 29,2020 Animation
Text Field Based Tags Input Plugin For jQuery – Tagify

Tagify is a small Inputag jQuery plugin used to add a multiple input tags straightforward, vivified, superior tag/token contribution from either input field or textarea. Changes an information field or

Mady / Nov 29,2020 Form
Youtube Video Open In Bootstrap 3 Modal With – YTModal

YouTube Modal/popup a light weight plugin in jQuery with fully customize with bootstrap. Also required with YouTubeDefaultImageLoader.js with add in to YouTube video iframes with post thumbnail image into your

Mady / Nov 29,2020 YouTube
Add Instagram Photos In Website Without API – jQuery instagramFeed

Add Instagram Feed without using the instagram API , exceptionally adjustable Instagram Photo Gallery module that includes Instagram photographs from any client (or any label you give) to your site

Mady / Nov 29,2020 Social Media
Bootstrap 4 Confirm Popup Plugin – BootConfirm.js

A lightweight Confirm popup plugin with BootConfirm.js is element made of bootstap & jQuery. it is a tiny and simple-to-use jQuery plugin that creates a Bootstrap based. Whenever you found

Nola Arney / Nov 29,2020 Form
HTML5 Video Popup jQuery Plugin – videopopup.js

A Free jQuery Plugin with videopopup.js is a lightweight video lightbox plugin which displays and plays your HTML5 video and Youtube video in a responsive, configurable modal popup. A jQuery

Nola Arney / Nov 29,2020 LightBox
Creative jQuery Slider Image Thumbnail Plugin – H-Smart-Thumbnail

A Free jQuery Plugin with H-Smart-Thumbnail is an innovative slider jQuery picture Thumbnail module that empowers the client to review enormous pictures in a tooltip-style merry go round popup when

A Simple Event Calendar With JavaScript – Caleandar.js

A free jQuery plugin with Caleandar.js is a simple event calendar with JavaScript creating a topic capable inline schedule on the website page that upholds custom functions characterized in the

Table data Min/Max Highlighter Value – tableMinMax

A Free jQuery Plugins with tableMinMax.js that Highlight colors indicate when the value of table cell with minimum and maximum. tableMinMax is a jQuery plugins for taking care of table

Nola Arney / Nov 29,2020 Table
Highlight Duplicate Value In Table Cells With jQuery Plugin – jquery-duplifer.js

A jQuery Plugin with duplifer.js is highlight duplicate value in table cells, module that features copy cells in a table utilizing arbitrarily created, outwardly satisfying tones. You may likewise utilize

Nola Arney / Nov 29,2020 Table
Translate Web Content With Google Translate API

A free jQuery plugin with google-translate-flag-dropdown.js is light weight jQuery plugin Translate Web Content Using Google Translate API content that use Google Cloud Translation API to interpret web content between

Nola Arney / Nov 29,2020 Text