Latest jQuery Plugins

Equalize Height of HTML Element With jQuery

Equalize Height of HTML Element With jQuery, Equal height of div in html with jQuery. it is easy to use & light weight jQuery Script. How to use : Add

guri singh / Mar 1,2021 Layout
Webpage Translate Language In jQuery Plugin – localizationTool

Webpage Translate Language In jQuery Plugin is Simple localization dropdown for your website. Translates strings in the languages you provide. This widget is built with the single page scenario in

guri singh / Mar 1,2021 Text
App-Like Side Menu Plugin With JavaScript – offside.js

Offside.js is a minimal JavaScript kit without used jQuery-library dependencies to push things off-canvas using just class manipulation. Its’s use easy & light weight for website and web applications. Features : Minimal DOM manipulations

guri singh / Feb 28,2021 Menu & Nav
Horizontal Mega Menu Change Each Sub Menu On Hover In jQuery

Horizontal mega menu on hover change each child menu  . we are use in left side main menu with help of ul li tags with overflow scroll height. on right

Mady / Feb 28,2021 Menu & Nav
International Telephone Input In jQuery Plugin – intl-tel-input

How To Use : Add the required intlTelInput.css and JS in the head section of your web page. Add for Vanilla JS plugin Add HTML code a standard telephone input

guri singh / Feb 26,2021 Form
Fully Customize, Responsive & Flexible jQuery Carousel Plugin – slick

Slick slider is a jQuery Plugin. this plugin is fully customizable, responsive and mobile friendly carousels/sliders free jQuery plugin, add slick css & js with jQuery library in your webpage

Export Html Table To Excel Spreadsheet jQuery Plugin – table2excel

A Free jQuery Plugin with table2excel is Export Html Table To Excel Spreadsheet jQuery Plugin. This plugin is simple to useful jQuery plugin which allows for exporting Html table data

guri singh / Feb 26,2021 Table
Export HTML To Word Document With Hyperlink In JavaScript

Export HTML to word document with javaScript can be done in different ways. JavaScript for implementing this in client side. When, the HTML file is simple include hyperlinks, then it

Mady / Feb 26,2021 Html & CSS
Input Mask Plugin With JavaScript/jQuery – inputmask

A Free jQuery plugin with Input Mask plugin is a lightweight and easy to use with JavaScript/jQuery plugin. It makes it easier to use and create an input mask. An

Mady / Feb 26,2021 Form
Direction Aware Mouse Hover Animation Plugin – jquery-hoverdirection

A simple jQuery plugin to add with CSS classes and jQuery based on mouse hover direction of element entrance or exit. How to use : Include the jQuery library after

guri singh / Feb 26,2021 Animation
Mouse Direction Aware Hover Effect Wit jQuery -Directional Hover

A Mouse Direction Aware Hover Effect including CSS3 and jQuery phenomenon that illustrates while changing positions of a mouse inward or outward then somehow the distinctive informative patterns come or

Mady / Feb 26,2021 Animation
Easy customizable jQuery Carousel Plugin – Tiny Carousel

Tiny Carousel is a light-weighted image sliding html based plugin. It was completely made using Javascript : jQuery. It is designed in such a way to enhance the experience of

Mady / Feb 22,2021 Slider/Carousel
Timeline Page Scroll Animation In jQuery

On Page scroll with Timeline Page Scroll Animation with jQuery. this cool effect on websites, like in the portfolio section of brilliantly designed. some time our requirement Timeline page scroll

Mady / Feb 21,2021 Timeline
Vertical Scroll Timeline With jQuery

Vertical Scroll Timeline is a jQuery Plugin to build a pretty awesome and unique animation effect in the scrollable box. Predominantly, it allows users to get a discreet scenario, while

Mady / Feb 21,2021 Timeline
CSS3 Circle With Clickable Items (Radial Menu) In jQuery

CSS3 circle with clickable items in jQuery (Radial Menu). We’ll create a plugin that will take care of the ‘mouse click’, ‘mouse leave’ and ‘click’ events to be triggered only

Mady / Feb 21,2021 Html & CSS