Latest jQuery Plugins

jQuery Plugin For Text Copy/Paste/Select – jQlipboard

A Free jQuery Plugin with Copy/Paste/Select – jQlipboard.js is copy your text and past for makes accessing the clipboard much easier. This plugin also has features that make it usable

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Text
Validation Form Plugins In jQuery – quickValidation.js

A jQuery Form Validation Plugin quickValidation.js works in a way It doesn’t defines the rules in the Javascript, instead they are assigned directly by using a data-validate attribute in the

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Form
Animated Circle Infographics With jQuery

A Circle Animated Infographics with HTML CSS & touch-Swipe with jQuery. A lightweight circle jQuery plugin to create touch enabled with animate / slide contents around circle with smooth transitions.

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Html & CSS
Plugin For CSS Filters In jQuery – Philter.js

As we all know that philter is almost an easy way for all the main processes or the post-processes for their major content in the web. By using the Philter

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Html & CSS
Horizontal Scroll One Page In jQuery – FullPage.js

A horizontal scroll of a full page is a jQuery plugin that converts an individual page into a group of scrollable horizontal segments with a console, mouse scroller, and thumbnails

Kayla Matthews / Nov 24,2020 Layout
Direction Aware 3D hover Effect (Concept)

A Direction Aware 3D hover effect is create with the javaScript. This effect applies a direction aware 3D rotation effect to dies on hover over. When a user place it’s

A Lightweight Parallax Library with Vanilla Javascript – Rellax.js

A Lightweight Parallax Library with Vanilla Javascript – Rellax.jsA lightweight Rellax.js vanilla Javascript Pallarax Library provides a sleek parallax scrolling effect on any DOM segment with desirable console instruments. In

AutoSave Data Form in jQuery Plugin – asdf.js

asdf.js is a creative form of a jQuery plugin that spontaneously autosave data form of the user in quick time while using the local storage. Data can be retrieved anytime

Kayla Matthews / Nov 24,2020 Form
Photo Viewer with jQuery Plugin – photoviewer.js

photoviewer.js is a special kind of Photo viewer that is associated with the jQuery Plugin to view the images in a window format. Basically, it works when you place your

InputTags Plugin With JavaScript Vanilla and Tokening – jSuites.js

jSuites tagging of the javascript vanilla plugin is such a unique and lucid tagging and tokening plugin which is lightweight, sensitive and mobile compatible. A user can get a privilege

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Form
Bootstrap4/3 Input AutoComplate/typeahead In jQuery Plugin

Bootstrap3/4 input autocomplete component is a jQuery plugin. That forecasts the words being typed based on some initial letters or alphabets specified by the user. In this case, the user

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Form
Android View OnlyTimepicker Plugin In jQuery – jquery clock timepicker

A Android view jQuery clock/time picker is a modest and user-friendly plugin. That inspired to create an interactive, Android inspired, analog Clock-style time picker for your input field. It is

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Time & Clock
Unmatchable jQuery Plugin For Exhibition of HTML Framework – Reveal.js

Reveal.js is a competent HTML presentation library jQuery plugin. It offers an amazing animation of sliding the distinctive tabs inside any website. Meanwhile, when a user switches the tab horizontally

Responsive Image Magnifier & Inner Zoom Plugin – magnificent.js

magnificent.js is a simple, smooth, responsive jQuery image zoom Inner/Outer zoom plugin that provides on mouse hover and drag with two modes to magnify or zoom in on an image.

Kayla Matthews / Nov 24,2020 Zoom
Word/Character Count Of Using jQuery Plugin – Text Counter

Customized jQuery word and text counter for a text box is such a time-saving plugin. jQuery text and word counter rid of your problem to remember the word count of

Mady / Nov 24,2020 Form