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jQuery Plugin For Text Copy/Paste/Select – jQlipboard

A Free jQuery Plugin with Copy/Paste/Select – jQlipboard.js is copy your text and past for makes accessing the clipboard much easier. This plugin also has features that make it usable

Mady / Nov 15,2020 Text
Translate Web Content With Google Translate API

A free jQuery plugin with google-translate-flag-dropdown.js is light weight jQuery plugin Translate Web Content Using Google Translate API content that use Google Cloud Translation API to interpret web content between

Nola Arney / Nov 1,2020 Text
Copy Text To Clipboard Plugin – Clipboard.js

Free jQuery Plugins Clipboard.jsBy copying a text to the clipboard is not a hard process. It does not require many steps to copy the input texts to clipboard. It is in easy

Nola Arney / Sep 30,2020 Text
Ajax Editable Inline Edit with jQuery Plugin – jeditable.js

jQuery-jeditable is listed under edit in place plugin for jQuery. It functions in such a way, if a user clicks on the element box and save accordingly then the element

Kayla Matthews / Mar 10,2020 Text