Powerful Notification Box Library – jQuery Notific

A Free jQuery notification plugin with Notific.js is a powerful helps you display message on your site. create and easy to customizable, with one click update notification, delete notification, non-blocking,

Nola Arney / Nov 10,2020 Other
A Web Page Change Multi Background Color On Mouse Scroll – jquery-scrollie

A Free jQuery Plugin with Scrollie.js is a easy and lightweight jQuery page scroll plugin, that will permit you to call your own capacity when a component comes into see.

Nola Arney / Nov 10,2020 Other
Move Div On Cursor Position In jQuery

Move Div on cursor position follow with mouse is a small javaScript. It makes any element follow your mouse inside a specific page, with a smooth animation.To move the element

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Configurable Night Mode For Webpage – jQuery night.mode.js

A lightweight yet fully configurable jQuery plugin to create a night shift Trigger that allows visitors to make a dark / night mode on your page.When the plug-in allows you

Nola Arney / Aug 23,2020 Other