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jSuites tagging of the javascript vanilla plugin is such a unique and lucid tagging and tokening plugin which is lightweight, sensitive and mobile compatible. A user can get a privilege to enhance the default select box that offers endless attributes such as finding, sorting, tagging, unit selection, multi-opt, auto-fill and active AJAX content.
Either an individual can create a tag just by writing in the search bar or select some component from the drop-down list which makes the automatic tags for them. 

Table of Contents

How to use it :

Add Java Script & CSS file :

<script src="/jsuites/v2/jsuites.js"></script>
<script src="jsuites/v2/jsuites.webcomponents.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/jsuites/v2/jsuites.css" type="text/css" />

Add Html Structure :

<div id="tags1"></div>

Call with javaScript:



.getData();Get all tags as a object
getValue(indexNumber)Get a specific tag by index or all tags value
@param integer indexNumber – Null for all tags
setValue();Set a new value for the javascript tagging
@param string newValue – Values separate by comma
reset();Clear all tags
isValid();Validate tags


onbeforechangeTrigger a method before a value is changed.onchangeTrigger a method when value is changed.onfocusTrigger a method when element is focusedonblurTrigger a method when element is bluredonloadTrigger a method when element is loaded


var defaults = {
    // Optional placeholder
    placeholder: null,
    // Method to parse the tags
    valid: null,
    // Remote resource url for search
    search: null,
    // Initial value
    value: null,
    // Events
    onbeforechange: null,
    onchange: null,
    onfocus: null,
    onblur: null,
    onload: null,
    colors: null,

List Of Version :


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