Fast And Light Weight Model-Popup In JavaScript – pop-it

It helps to give a unique, fast and light weight model-popup in javascript plugin experience to the user when accessing a webpage, this is simple

Mady / Mar 5,2021 LightBox
CSS3 Animation Effects With jQuery Plugin – Magnific-Popup.js

A Simple Fast, light and responsive Animation lightbox plugin with Magnific Popup. it is a simple but powerful jQuery plugin that aims to create high

Mady / Sep 6,2020 LightBox
Multi-Purpose Popup Box jQuery Plugin – Corner Popup

jQuery corner-popup plugin is a modest and creative popup plugin that is significantly used on every website. It merely exhibits a succinct pop up in

Mady / Mar 27,2020 LightBox
Photo Viewer with jQuery Plugin – photoviewer.js

photoviewer.js is a special kind of Photo viewer that is associated with the jQuery Plugin to view the images in a window format. Basically, it

Animated Popup With jQuery – animatedModal.js

Recently we had to create animation modal (popup) with help of animatedModal.js. The animatedModal.js is basically used to open modal with different-different animation effects. you can also choose from

Mady / Dec 28,2019 LightBox