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Bootstrap 3 Accordion With Step Wizard

A bootstrap 3 step wizard used with accordions. How to used : Add with jQuery library and bootstrap library. Here, We’re adding jQuery Library files Of

Mady / Jan 21,2021 Step Wizard
Step Wizard With Accordion In Bootstrap 3 With jQuery

Create simple step-wizard with accordions in bootstrap with jQuery. This step wizard is implemented as a jQuery Plugin. Include with appropriate CSS and javascript files

Mady / May 17,2020 Step Wizard
FormWizard Form Animation With jQuery

As we all know that the step wizard forms are important part in any of the website as. it is mandatory to have a form with the

Mady / Dec 18,2019 Step Wizard
Bootstrap 4 For Step Wizard Style Interface – Smart Wizard.js

Smart Wizard is a step wizard jquery plugin with Bootstrap 4 support. It is easy to implement and gives a neat and stylish interface for

Mady / Dec 11,2019 Step Wizard